Welcome to The Future of The Recruitment Industry

A hiring industry veteran evolved to form a recruitment media company connecting employers with the best candidates

Since Beyond, the Career Network, was founded, the recruitment and hiring space has gone through some serious changes. With each new technology and marketing concept that emerges, the way professionals job hunt and companies hire changes too. Think about it – when you applied for your first job, did a recruiter text you? Or did you mail your resume and follow up with HR using your landline? Perhaps I’m dating myself, but job seekers and recruiters today have witnessed profound changes even in just the last few years.

Companies in the recruitment space – and HR professionals and recruiters themselves – must be quick to react to new trends and have their fingers on the pulse of job seekers. With an eye toward the future, Beyond knew it was time to move beyond the job board and introduce the next generation of hiring. Enter stage right, Nexxt.

The decision to rebrand from Beyond to Nexxt was based on nearly two decades of feedback and innovation in the recruiting space. The company has evolved to be a dynamic recruitment marketing solution, catering to the changing needs of the entire hiring spectrum, from job seeker to recruiter.

For companies and agencies, Nexxt is a full-service recruiting platform, providing a targeted method of sourcing the best people from a broader talent pool. For professionals, Nexxt is an employment solution, powering a focused offering of more than 50 niche career sites to make finding the perfect job easier.

The Limitations of the Job Board 

Job board traffic spikes on Mondays. Think about it – people come to work, grow tired and frustrated, and decide to look for other opportunities. But then they get busy, fall back into their weekly schedule, and forget about the possibility of more.

The recent launch of Google for Jobs, the tech giant’s job search engine that posts U.S. jobs, from entry-level to executive-level professional positions, opened the door for job boards to achieve organic (i.e., free) traffic. But what about candidates who might not be actively searching for a new job?

In a recent survey, Nexxt found that just 14 percent of professionals reported actively searching for a new job, yet 58 percent are open to offers – which means that employers who rely entirely on job board advertising miss out on engaging with a significant number of potential candidates.

A Recruitment Media Company

Nexxt helps employers reach – and start conversations with – all potential candidates, opening the lines of communication for employers to find the right people in the right places at the right times. Shedding its former job board identity, Nexxt has evolved to become a recruitment media company that reaches candidates of all types through an optimal mix of marketing tactics and predictive technology.

So what sets Nexxt apart from the pack?

Niche Targeting

With so many candidates in the hiring pool, it’s challenging for recruiters to find the perfect match for a role. Without a niche targeting mechanism, recruiters routinely end up with dozens of leads that produce very few hires, and of those hires, very few long-term employees. Nexxt’s professional, local, diversity and global framework lets employers automatically target selective candidates through job ads – the foundation of every recruitment marketing campaign – to reach potential candidates where and when they may be inclined to take action. With Nexxt, employers can have confidence that their job ads will be served in the right place at the right time.

Candidate Retargeting

Retargeting is an extremely effective form of digital advertising, but it has not been widely used in the recruiting space. With Nexxt, employers can keep their brand in front of potential candidates in the same way that a shoe retailer follows you around the web reminding you about the pair of shoes that you didn’t buy. Driving hundreds of clicks from the same candidates is not an effective method for recruiting in a tight labor market. Nexxt extends the reach of a recruitment marketing campaign to ensure recruiters’ messages are in front of the best candidates all over the web.

Campaign Builder

Using multiple vendors to execute and measure campaigns can become disjointed and confusing, so Nexxt launched the Campaign Builder as a one-stop-shop. Campaign Builder allows agencies and recruiters to search the full Nexxt database of almost 60 million members to create custom, targeted outreach, text and email campaigns, while controlling their recruitment marketing dollars. While email has been a tried-and-true method of recruiting, it is now being paired with text messaging and the results are unparalleled. Targeted text campaigns are the next big thing in hiring and Campaign Builder makes it easy for companies to quickly get a campaign out the door.

The recruitment industry has gone through many changes over the last two decades – even in just the last few years – and it’s time to recruit like a marketer. Nexxt is a response to the shifting industry landscape and the new products and services the recruitment marketing platform offers are changing the game for recruiters and job seekers alike. Welcome to the future of the recruitment industry.

Joe Stubblebine
Vice President, Recruitment Media Sales

Joe has a long and varied career in the online recruitment and sourcing space. He loves working with clients to help them make killer hiring decisions. Get him talking on any topic and Joe will turn it towards talent acquisition technology. Prospects should pick his brain – he helps sell Nexxt but will also give you a primer on who is doing great things in tech. Joe’s entrepreneurial spirit and positive attitude allow him to approach each day as an opportunity. He is a proud dad, passionate boater, U2 super fan and fashion guru. Joe studied accounting at Clarion University and always makes sure that his watch doesn’t clash with his shoes.

To learn more about Nexxt’s hiring solutions, visit hiring.nexxt.com.