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Temporary Employees May Now Be Eligible for Collective Bargaining

(August 27, 2015) The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) announced a broad new standard for determining whether two businesses are “joint employers” for purposes of collective bargaining. (Browning-Ferris Industries of California, Inc.) Under this new standard, joint employment now exists even where one company only has the right to exert indirect or potential control over the terms and conditions of another company’s employees.

In a 3-2 decision, the NLRB is allowing unions to move into more workplaces.

Employers that retain the right to impose even indirect control over the working conditions of temporary employees could be considered their joint employers for bargaining purposes and also for unfair labor practice liability.

Employers and temporary staffing agencies need to evaluate their written service agreements for references to right to control. This includes an analysis of pre-employment qualification and hiring standards, assignment and retention of individual temporary employees, shift schedules, workload and pace of work, and wages and benefits.



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